Whether you’re selling or buying a company, the main question is: how much is it worth? Arpentus is the specialist that can help you determine this.

The enterprise value is not only the guiding principle of the negotiations with potential sellers/buyers; Arpentus can also conduct one for entrepreneurs who want to know where they stand. Even if a sale is not imminent. This way, we can make better long-term strategic choices.

Arpentus creates realistic valuations, based on a thorough analysis. In this, we pay close attention to the revenue model. Where is the real revenue model? With which customers and in which activities? Does it depend on people? Are there possibilities for expanding the value? The more sustainable the revenue model, the better. Arpentus maps out the chances and the bottlenecks.

Naturally, we also link an enterprise value to good advice. This way, you know where you stand and how to advance further. This is the power of Arpentus. Shall we make an appointment to meet?