We personally guides you towards the perfect deal

“Without the supervision provided by Arpentus, I would have given up."
"By having an eye for the human side, Arpentus helped me to remain professional and achieve a result that made everybody happy.”
Evert Top
“Luckily, Arpentus does not overlook any details. As a result, the sale was organised down to the smallest details.”
"I would preferably have organised the sale in an afternoon in the pub."
Henk Woltman


You don’t just sell your company; nor do you just buy one. A multitude of financial, judicial, organisational and human factors play an important role in this process. Arpentus personally guides you through the complex process of buying or selling; assisting you in achieving your perfect deal.

Our specialists

Building on our experience, knowledge and our network, we can optimally capitalise on chances in the market. In collaboration with you, we determine the best route to achieve your strategic goals.
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Frans Visser MSc
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Drs. Jurgen Boer RA
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Anne-Rieke Roukens
Office manager
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