You only sell your company once. This means you can only make the very best deal once. We at Argentus understand what this entails, and will gladly guide you in the complicated process of negotiating, preparing the business for sale, the sale and, finally, the release; and everything related to this regarding corporate finance.

You will soon discover the advantages of this. You can rely on our knowledge and experience. You can share your ambitions and test your plans. You can leave the process to us (from enterprise value to negotiations), so that you can remain focused on your core business.

The best deal is always unique. Your personal ambitions, the company’s specific situation, the market within which you operate; these are all factors that play a role. Argentus always looks for the deal that suits you as an entrepreneur and as a person best. This helps you move forward.

Are you considering the sale of your company? Involve us in your company at an early stage. This saves you a lot of time and energy. On top of this, it will give you the best deal. We are confident enough to make this promise.

If it’s up to us, let’s meet. Shall we make an appointment?